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A church that’s more like a Revival Study Center … spreading the fires of revival

and igniting a fresh passion in the hearts of believers.

Our services are filled with love, joy, and excitement ...

And it's all because of JESUS! He's our everything ... and we want the world to know how awesome and how wonderful He is! He cares for us - He loves us. And like His Word says, He really did come to give us life abundant (John 10:10)!


We are blessed and honored to experience God’s presence and power in our services, and to see many salvation's, healing's, miracles, and lives changed forever … all glory to God!


But we MUST NOT stop there. We must be a voice … we must share the love of God with mankind … we must reach outside the four walls because too many people are dying and going to hell. We must rise up as the army of God and fulfill the Great Commission that God has put before us (Matthew 28:18-20). We may all have different parts to play, but every vision should include the heart of God … SOULS! The time is NOW!


If the Lord leads you our way, we would love to have you join us as we step out in faith to follow our part of the amazing plan God has for His end-time Church ... a plan of victory, joy, and heaven on earth … but more importantly, a plan of fulfilling our part in the Great Commission … a plan of an end-time harvest of souls!


It's not dooms day as the world may indicate ... it's glory days and Jesus is with us in manifestation, as we step out to give Him His heart’s desire … bodies healed and souls saved! Hallelujah!

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