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Through a (FUTURE) 24-hour Complex, comprised of a variety of Centers as well as a church, we believe we can reach out with the Gospel in a way that is captivating to the lost and needy. Whether it's sharing the life-changing truth of God's Word through teaching the Word, DVD's, CD's, books, or reaching out to people through humanitarian efforts, we strive to do all we can to help those in need.

Miracle City Ministries also believes God is raising up an end-time army, called to active service, to bring in the final harvest. Our heart is to please our Father by fulfilling our part in helping to heal, strengthen, and equip this end-time army of God.

Through love; through teaching the life-changing Word of God; through ministering to the needs of people; through teaching and experiencing spirit and truth worship; through faith in the Blood of Jesus - we believe we can help people to enter into and operate in the manifest presence of Jesus - a must as we leave our "tents" to march to the battle field and take the harvest. As Moses said, "God, if Your presence does not go with us, do not let us move a step from this place."


The end-time army of God will not march to the battle alone or on crutches, but will walk in the very presence of Jesus and will have signs and wonders following. As we see God's power and kingdom authority demonstrated, we will see every city and nation impacted - we will see multitudes saved and healed.



As we see God’s power and kingdom authority demonstrated, we ​will see every city and nation impacted - we will see multitudes saved and healed!



The heart of Miracle City Ministries is to share and minister God's message of salvation, healing, and victory through Jesus Christ. We want everyone to have the opportunity to know and experience the real Jesus. Our heart is to see the glory of God explode; to see the manifest presence and power of God, not just in churches, but in cities and communities all over the world, bringing salvation, healing's, miracles, signs and wonders.

Our heart is to walk in the love and compassion of Jesus - to present the Gospel to the lost; heal the sick; feed the hungry; clothe the poor; minister to the elderly, widows, and orphans; visit prisoners; and reach out to people of all walks of life.


We're also a ministry that teaches people how to apply biblical truth in every area of their lives that they may continually walk in the victory provided through Jesus Christ, as well as encourage and influence those around them.



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