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Leg Sore Healed

11/7/21 ... Check out this video testimony of another healing at church!! Glory to God!!


Leg Grew Out

10/24/21 ... Check out this video testimony of one of the miracles today at church!! All glory to God!!


Miracle Baby

3/1/21 ... This testimony came to us today from Rachelle Wallace.


My godchild had been trying to get pregnant for over 4 years. Being married for 7 years she went in for testing and found she had cysts on her ovaries and was told she might not be able to get pregnant. She kept trying and had a miscarriage just before Christmas 2019. She was devastated.

She was in Perry visiting and came to Miracle City with me. Pastor Robbi prayed over her that day in church and 10 months later, this little miracle was born ... Evelyn.

Evelyn, Testimony from Rachelle Wallace
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Raised to Life!

2/16/21 ... I will start this testimony by giving all glory to our awesome and amazing FATHER GOD!


​I waited many months to share this testimony to get approval by the person I prayed for (to use his name). That opportunity never came, so I decided to share it without using his actual name. 


​My purpose in sharing is of course, to bring God glory, but to also show you, the reader, the undeniable, never-failing, explosive love of our God! 


​I was at a hospital near my home, visiting a patient. While there, a few floors away from the patient, he suffered a severe stroke (some longer name I don't recall), but it resulted in loss of life. There were more details I won't go into, but I will say God was involved in even the day and timing of my visit.


​I heard the "code" call come over the speakers, so I rushed to the man’s room. I was just outside the room when I was told all that had happened. It was explained to me by the doctor (to the best of my memory) that "they were getting no readings on his heart and no readings on his brain. He said, "we are getting nothing." 


I was then told I had to leave and wait down the hall. I asked if I could enter the man's room and pray, and I was told NO. I told them I was a pastor and I wanted to pray for him. They then switched gears and let me in the room. I believe that was the next step in the miracle from God.


​As I entered the room, I saw a lifeless, frozen-looking body, with doctors and nurses still working, although, nothing seemed to be bringing life. 


​I grabbed this man and declared life over him in the Name of Jesus. I commanded life to come back into his body in the name of Jesus. I said more, but I don't now recall every word. I know I continued to speak the name of Jesus and declare God’s Word.


​After a minute or two, although I saw no change in the man, I sensed that something was different, so I asked the doctor, "what's going on?" His response was, "keep going, we're getting numbers."


Hallelujah! That man that God touched is home, and alive and well today ... all praise and glory to our awesome God!

- Pastor Robbi


Cancer Tumor Gone!

We’re giving God all the glory!

I received a call from Barb on 8/26/20 … another amazing miracle from our awesome God!

I had prayed for Danny, her husband, who was diagnosed with cancer on the whole top part of his kidney.

He had a scheduled doc appointment to check the tumor again before any surgery or treatment was done. The doctor report Danny and Barb received was truly a miracle.

The tumor had shrunk so much, it’s what they now consider a cyst. Danny doesn’t have to have any treatments or anything else done. The doctor just wants to look at his kidney again in a year to a year and a half.

The nurse said, “We just can’t understand this. Danny has had no meds, no chemo, no radiation – nothing! Barb told the nurse that it must be another miracle (Barb has had two), and the nurse said, “it has to be.” All glory to the Lord Jesus, our Healer!!


Neck Artery Supernaturally Unclogged

Another amazing miracle report today (2/23/20)! Barb shared her testimony in church today! She was told a couple months ago that she had a clogged artery in her neck. She went back to the doc after prayer and they said it was unclogged! Hallelujah! Glory to God!

This is the same woman who just had another creative miracle in her aorta. She had an aneurysm in her aorta for 6 years. It had reached size 3.5 and docs told her she'd need surgery if it reached 4.0.

I went to my brother's house to pray for her. Approximately 2 weeks later she had an ultrasound on the aorta and the doctor said the aneurysm was gone!! All glory to God!!

Jesus the HEALER has shown His awesome love and power again! We are forever grateful!! 


Wrist Healed and More

Give GOD glory for another wonderful miracle! I received this text on 2/14/20 from Rachelle Wallace.

I had step kids living at my house who were using a Ouija board and my basement had creepy things going on down there. Even the dogs would snarl and bark at the top of the basement steps. Karen Straham who went to my church here in Perry gave me Pastor Robbi’s number and said she might be able to help.


I called and Pastor Robbi met with me soon after. I told her my issues with the step kids and the creepy things going on in the house. I also told her issues with my family, my hand, and my wrist I had shattered in 2016 (riding on an electric razor scooter) . After we talked for what seemed a long time, she prayed concerning all the issues we discussed and then prayed over my hand and wrist.


Before she prayed, I could only move my wrist forward maybe a centimeter or two. My wrist wouldn’t move back at all. It was locked into place. I could barely move my fingers at all for 3 years. When Pastor Robbi was done praying, she told me "move your wrist” and it moved. I could bend it. It was definitely a miracle. I went to Sparrow Hospital the next day and my therapist was shocked. She wanted to know what I did. I told her, "I didn't. God did!"


I can bend my wrist forward and back, and I can move my fingers. Praise God!

Rachelle Wallace's Wrist Before.png
Rachelle Wallace's Wrist After.png

Aorta Aneurysm GONE

Give our awesome GOD glory for another amazing miracle! I received this note 12/22/19.

Barb's handwritten testimony is in the photo, but here's what she said ... "Aorta aneurysm ... [had for] 6 years ... 3-1/2 in size ... surgery [would be needed] at [size] 4. Three weeks ago Robbi prayed over my husband and me. Two weeks ago had ultrasound of aneurysm. There no longer is an aneurysm. Thank you God & Robbi."


Words in brackets [ ] added to better clarify.


Hole in Heart GONE

Give our awesome GOD glory for this amazing miracle testimony!! 

Laurie came up for prayer Sunday (10/27/19), when I did an altar call.

I received this text on (10/28/19):

2019-1025 - Miracle Testimony.jpg
Demers, Dianne 4.jpg

Neck and Back Healed

12/31/17 Service ... Pastor Robbi called people forward who wanted healing. I watched as she prayed for a lady’s hands. The lady’s hands were both very swollen. As Pastor Robbi prayed I could see the lady’s hands deflating. I thought to myself, what am I seeing. I said to myself, I am seeing a miracle!!!


The lady said that the pain was gone. I said Lord, “You allowed me to see You do this miracle.” When everyone was prayed for that wanted prayer, I asked for prayer. I had recently been in a car accident and my voice box needed healing as well as I had a pain in the back of my neck from a whiplash. The pain in my neck immediately stopped hurting.


Then another lady asked for her shoulder to be prayed for. After service she told me that she could now lift her arm up in the air, which she couldn't do before. Another lady asked for prayer. Seemed like everyone was finished being prayed for but I had another pain in my back / shoulder area.


I asked Pastor Robbi to lay her hand on my back. As she did I could feel heat. I said out loud, “I can feel the heat.” Immediately I felt it get hotter and it felt like it went deeper. Praise the Lord and all glory to God. The pain left immediately. I have never felt God touch me like that before. If you need a healing come and get it. He still heals today.

Dyer, Durwood.jpg

Knee Healed

Give GOD glory for this wonderful testimony! From Durwood Dyer, Riverside, CA … On February 16, 2015, I had knee replacement on my right knee because I had bone on bone. I was scheduled for knee replacement on my left knee for June or July. I visited Michigan in Feb 2016 and attended service at Miracle City that week. I then decided to go to Michigan for the summer of 2016.

I postponed my surgery until October. I spend the summer at Miracle City. Pastor Robbi prayed over my knee and it was healed. When I got back to California I cancelled the replacement. No more issues with pain. I can walk the dog, going up and down stairs. Praise God!

Walters, Otella 2.jpg

Hands, Foot, and Ankle Healed

6/26/16 ... Give GOD GLORY! This beautiful 95 year old lady (Otella) came forward today for prayer. Before our eyes, and by the healing power of Jesus, we watched inflammation leave her hands, as well as enlarged joints shrink down.

Also, all the pain left her hands and wrists, and she then regained mobility that had not been there moments before. She also received healing in her foot/ankle area. Inflammation and pain left there as well.

We give our LORD JESUS all glory for these miracles!!! We are forever grateful for HIS love and power!!!!

Web Page - Rich Walters.png

Heart Artery Unclogged

Rich was diagnosed on November 12th, 2012 with a clogged artery and was due to have surgery or some type of procedure. He came to our Thanksgiving dinner, Saturday, November 17th, feeling weak. 


We prayed for him after dinner, telling the artery to come unclogged in Jesus Name! A few days later, Rich went in for doctors to work on his artery. When doctors started to do the procedure to unclog the artery, they discovered it was completely unclogged already! "They couldn't understand," I believe was their words! 


I then received a phone call that Rich was being sent home from the hospital! Hallelujah! All glory to our awesome God!


Rich Walters

Mary Kay.jpg

Shoulder and Ear Healed

Written by Mary Kay's friend Cheryl ... 

My buddy Mary Kay went to church with me last Sunday (11/8/15), got prayed over and was healed. Constant pain in shoulder, (calcium deposits) - gone! 


She couldn't even carry her purse when we were shopping Saturday. 


Recurring problems with one ear causing throbbing pain - gone!!


Our God is an awesome God! Thank you, Jesus!

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Leg Grew Out

Give GOD glory for this miracle on 8/23/14!


Cheryl and I were talking after the service when she mentioned she had one leg about 3/4 inches shorter than the other. I told her GOD would grow it out!! 


So, Cheryl, myself and a few other folks went to the front of the church. I had Cheryl sit down.


I told the leg to grow out in JESUS name and it grew out SUDDENLY!! Woohoo!!! All praise, honor and glory to GOD! Our LORD is amazing!!!

Web Page - Christy Schultz.png

Breast Cancer Healed

On 1/11/14 … My husband’s ex-wife, Christy Schultz, called requesting prayer. She went in for a mammogram and they found a lump. She had a biopsy Thursday before with results coming next week. She was somewhat shocked but trying to be positive. I requested prayer from Pastor Robbi. Along with me, Pastor Robbi prayed in Jesus Name and expected a God Report when Christy went back to the Doctor.


On 1/13/14 … Christy called me and her results from biopsy came back 1st stage breast cancer. I told her they found it early which was very good but God will heal her. Christy said she would be seeing the Doctor in few days to find out her options. I told her God will heal her before they have to do anything! She was taking this news well. I contacted Pastor Robbi with an update and she agreed with me she was healed. When Pastor Robbi prayed for her it was after the biopsy therefore the biopsy taken could have had results that said cancer. We both agreed Cancer was gone ... healed! God is so faithful!!


On 1/17/14 … They did a lumpectomy and took lymph-nodes. They came out to us said nothing except it went good and next Thursday Christy will get results regarding surgery!


On 1/23/14 … GOD IS GOOD!!!! He healed Christy! She went to her Doctor follow-up and no Cancer in the lump removed!! No Cancer in the lymph-nodes removed!! No cancer period!! They said she could go back to work the following Monday.


Debbie Ried

Fourney, Bill 4.jpg

Lungs, Leg, and Disk Healed

Bill had what the doctors called acute bronchitis for 2-3 years. Every morning when he got out of bed, he would cough up about a cup or two of phlegm. After about 1-1/2 hours of this, Bill was so exhausted, he didn’t feel like doing anything. 

After we prayed for him, he immediately felt a warm sensation in his lungs. He went home from church and later that day took a nap. When he awoke he first noticed he could breathe clearly out of his nose, and he could smell. The next morning his lungs were clear and he didn’t cough up any phlegm or do any coughing at all. He’s been healed ever since.

Bill came to church with a leg injury from falling off a roof. We prayed for him and immediately he felt the pain leave. His leg was healed.

Bill was having severe back pain from a ruptured disk, for 2 years. While lying on the couch watching Creflo Dollar on TV, Bill heard Creflo say, “God is healing someone laying on a couch in back pain.” 

Bill received the word as being for him, then suddenly in his back, he could feel something that felt like a thumb sticking in his back. All pain instantly left and he was completely healed.


Bill Fourney

Web Page - Mallory Steele.png

Babies Heart Rotated

Wednesday night, 1/15/14 … Mallory came to Miracle City for prayer for her unborn baby girl (LenaBell). She had some tests run by doctors earlier that day (still shots) and her baby’s heart was rotated 60 degrees. Plus there was a hole in the baby’s heart. The doctor told Mallory once the baby was born, the baby would have to have heart surgery. 


Pastor Robbi told her that the baby would not have to have surgery because God was going to heal her right now. She laid her hand on the baby and declared healing for her, in Jesus name. Mallory went back to the doctor Thursday, the next day, for what was called a feed. 


The doctors said the baby’s heart had completely rotated back to normal since the day before and the hole was now just a very tiny hole, which we know God will completely close, because it’s a promise settled in God’s Word! Glory to God!


Pat Steele

Web Page - Beverly Brown.png

Brain Aneurysm Healed

I went to the Emergency Room with sharp pain in my head, slurred speech, slow movements, and numbing on the left side of my body, as well as very disoriented.


I was diagnosed with a bleeding brain aneurysm and told I would probably die. 


James and Robbi prayed for me at the hospital and Jesus healed me! I went home the next day, completely healed!


Beverly Brown

Web Page - Kurstyn Asbury.png

Leg Grew Out

I had surgery on my leg when I was a baby and it stunted the growth of my left leg. The doctors told my parents I would always have one leg shorter than the other. 


 I've never been able to stand or walk normal (I'm 19 years old). When hands were laid on me, my short leg instantly grew out even with the other!


Kurstyn Asbury

Web Page - Shirley Burton.png

Growth Gone

Shirley had something “golf ball size” protruding out of her stomach that she thought was a hernia. It had appeared over a 24 hour period. She was going to call 911 because she was so scared, but she decided to call us for prayer instead.


We prayed, and then within 10 minutes it burst on its own, went away, and never came back. She was completely healed.

I had pain in my knee for three years. It got so bad, I could hardly walk. I got prayed for at Miracle City ... Jesus healed me and all the pain left - glory to God!


Shirley Burton


Cancer Healed, Heart Repaired, C.O.P.D. Healed, and more ...

LEG GREW OUT ... 7/5/17 ... We had an awesome miracle at church tonight ... A lady came up for prayer (Carol), and her shortened leg grew out! All glory to GOD!

CYST DISAPPEARED ... 7/5/17 ... We also had a testimony that on Sunday (7/2/17), during the service ... a cyst disappeared on a lady. No one even prayed for her. She was just touched by the presence of the LORD!! Hallelujah!

CANCER HEALED ... Healed of prostrate cancer instantly! ... Johnny

MULTIPLE MIRACLES ... Healed of kidney failure, congestive heart failure, blood clots in lungs, and comatose! ... Danny

LEG GREW OUT ... My leg grew out about 2-1/2 inches, which straightened my back and stopped the excruciating pain! When I came to church that day, I couldn't even stand up straight and had difficulty walking. When my leg grew out, everything was fixed! ... Tim

LEG GREW OUT ... I went to a Miracle Service with back pain. When I went up for prayer, Robbi felt the Lord was telling her I had one leg shorter than the other, thus the reason for the back pain. When we checked, I did have a difference in my legs - probably around 3/4". Robbi commanded the short leg to grow out in Jesus Name and it did. I'm healed and my back pain is gone! All the praise and glory to God! Pastor Dawn-Marie Mattson

HEART REPAIRED ... June was diagnosed with 2 arteries clogged (90% and 70%). James and Robbi prayed for June that Friday. The following Monday, June went in for surgery. Doctor's informed June after she woke up that the surgery never took place. They said it wasn't necessary because a test revealed her heart had "repaired" itself! ... We know WHO repaired June's heart!! Give GOD the glory! - Judy Plum, June's friend

SPINE HEALED ... I had pain so bad in my back, I couldn't get off the couch at times. My spine was actually crooked. When Robbi laid hands on my back, I felt burning where the pain was. Immediately all the pain left and I've been fine ever since! ... Gregory Asbury

PAIN GONE ... I woke up with a terrible ache in my lower abdomen. I'm not one to run to the doctor very often, so I tolerated the pain for several days. After suffering a prolonged period of time and the pain now spreading up into my back and keeping me awake during the night, my husband took me to the Emergency Room. The ER ran tests that seemed to show a possible passing of a kidney stone. They said if that was the case, the pain would subside within 48 hours. The pain didn't stop in that length of time. So during our church service, I answered an alter call for healing. An ultrasound test proved there was no problem with any kidney stones and all the pain is GONE! Praise God! ... Jenny Taylor

C.O.P.D. HEALED ... Healed of C.O.P.D, instantly! ... Don Sawyer

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