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Dr. Karl Barancik at Miracle City!


Sunday, May 22nd, 2022



10:30AM - 12:00PM



Miracle City

4380 Grand Blanc Rd

Swartz Creek, MI 48473

Dr. Karl's BIO

Dr Karl Barancik is considered by many as a transformational thought leader. Nationally recognized speaker and consultant, he communicates the simple message that God loves us and created us to be a success in every sphere of life, whether home, business, or personal success.


With his unique blend of passion, humor, respect, and high energy, Karl’s teachings help people find clarity for their life, develop successful strategies to win, and to live passionately in their God-given purpose! He is truly a one of a kind guy, committed to helping pastors, churches, businesses, and leaders everywhere.


Dr Karl’s background covers over 30 years in the non-profit sector, functioning as CEO; Pastor, and as Overseer of the Faith City Church campuses. He currently directs Karl Barancik Ministries with a passion to continue seeing thousands of people transformed into leaders that win consistently in life.


Karl’s academic attainments include a M.B.A. from Golden Pacific University and both a Bachelor of Administration and Doctorate of Ministry from Friends International Christian University.


Karl, along with his wife Kathi have raised four children, all successful in their own right, and enjoys his 12 grandchildren scattered between Michigan and Florida.


What others have said about Dr Karl


"Pastor Karl is well qualified and equipped to help you fulfill your vision. Get him in your church!" 

Buddy Bell


"If you're looking for a clean living, Holy Ghost man who still teaches the Bible, I recommend Karl to you both as a local church and conference speaker." 

Dr. Mark T Barclay


"Karl, my friend, has helped us at EQUIP to change lives, you'll like him." 

John Maxwell


"We had a great time of ministry at Pastor Karl's church; he keeps it on the edge." 

Rev Jerry Savelle


"Rev. Barancik's voice is clear, his insight is keen, his motives are pure, and his personality refreshing. I enthusiastically urge pastors to open their hearts and pulpits to this man of God." Ambassador Larry Huggins


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